“A Franchise Is A Turnkey Business With Lots Of Support … Isn’t It?”.


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Make a Business to Support Your Dream Lifestyle.

A large number of franchisees believe that Corporate Office
will handle the “business side of the business” … only to
quickly learn that many don’t. 

They believe that as long as they follow the script they will be successful.

The reality depends on numerous factors, ultimately there is a gap in what you need and what they provide. 

We help you identify this gap in your Franchise and create a strategy
based on your skills and experience to bridge this gap. 

Through this process we help you set the
foundation for growth in your Franchise. 

Does this sound like you?

I am looking to buy or have purchased a Franchise and:

“I’ve reached out to Corporate but they don’t have
that will help MY situation.”

“I work all the time to grow my business … but I
can’t seem to make a profit.”

“I’ve tried a lot of things but nothing seems to be working for me.”

It’s time to try our Foundation Growth Plan.

Corporate can only help
you so much … the rest
is up to you!

To ensure your investment in a franchise yields the return on investment AND the life you want, you need help to identify the things that you don’t know you don’t know, and Corporate doesn’t assist with, to avoid costly mistakes.


Learn the #1 Key Time Management Technique

  • Find out how to effectively prioritize tasks and identify those job responsibilities that are not YOUR GIFT.

Create Leaders in Your Team

  • We help you identify the capacity of your team, as well as their potential while also growing your influence and leader-making skills 


Identify What You Are Missing

  • Just like us, Corporate office wants you to be successful.  For them the diver is to help sell more franchises. For us the driver is to help you create the business you want.
    The challenge comes when their support is focused on the external business strategy … and not the internal strategy.  

Learn the Key Drivers of Your Business

  • Every franchise will operate differently due to leadership style. We help you identify the key information you need to review as well as help you to take action to get the results you want.  

Become the Leading Franchisee

By supplementing the support you receive from the corporate office we work with you to identify, create and implement necessary plans to take your Franchise to the NEXT LEVEL.

  • Get an incredible overview of how to think and plan as the CEO
  • We teach you how to strengthen the foundation of your business.
  • We show you how to budget and what key performance indicators (KPIs) you should be monitoring in your business.
  • We work side-by-side to help you implement the changes that are going to make you successful.


You deserve to live an extraordinary life.


And an extraordinary life begins with taking care of yourself. This means understanding what drives you and what makes you frustrated. It means building the business in a way that allows you the time freedom that you crave!


What are some reasons for engaging a coach?

Here are just 4 of a larger number of reasons that working with a coach can be beneficial to your business: